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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oracle's monster hit: The Next Big Thing.

For the past few months we have seen an tremendous growth in computing and exponential growth in storage requirements. On our current economic conditions, taking cost out of IT while delivering solid performance is critical. As companies cope with the rapid data growth the need to drive increased agility while reducing complexity and cost has become one of IT’s great challenges. And the answer to those challenges is dynamic infrastructures. Today’s applications is getting extreme, IT companies are in great needs of cost effective storage that delivers optimal performance and could easily managed. Storage is a key element of dynamic world, just like Database storage is critical to company’s business. Oracle is about to move into hardware business with long time partner HP to deliver a state of the art Database Machine. Software Company Oracle Corp. and Hardware Company HP just announced the HP Oracle Database Machine ( Image courtesy of Oracle )and its key components the HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server last year. Its monstrous machine it designed to power tomorrow’s business processing and big iron computing, it delivers an extreme computing power. The HP Oracle Database Machine is a high performance system that includes a grid of 8 database servers featuring 64 Intel processor cores running Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Real Application Clusters on Oracle Enterprise Linux. The machine also includes storage of 14 HP Oracle Exadata Storage servers with 112 processor cores of its own. The storage grid provides a massive 168 terabytes of raw storage (that’s huge) and delivers 14 GB per second data bandwidth between the storage server and the database server. It key components the Hp Oracle Exadata is smart software from Oracle and industry standard hardware from hardware leader HP. Each storage server includes an HP ProLiant DL 180 G5 server with 2 Intel 2.66 Ghz quad core processors, 12 disks 8 GB memory. Each storage server adds up to 12 TB of raw storage and I GB per second of data bandwidth to the storage grid. We could see a lot of raw power at this machine folk it was indeed the most fearsome machine on this planet. The HP Oracle Database Machine is a complete system preinstalled and preconfigured to deliver extremely fast query performance perfect for extreme data warehousing and intense business processing. The HP Oracle Exadata storage Server (a key component of HP Oracle Database Machine) are preloaded with Oracle Automatic Storage management for dynamic load balancing and data mirroring, it’s a plug and play system users won’t needs to configure anything. What HP and Oracle got here is simple; to brings hardware and software together in one, t create robust, cost effective data warehouse solutions that could help companies meet their most demanding business needs. The HP Oracle Database Machine provides a scalable architecture based on Oracle Grid technology and it’s considered to be fault tolerant. The HP Oracle Database Machine address a variety of issues and needs but overall its help companies solve their problems. It increased productivity, lower maintenance costs and ease IT management. It provides greater agility and an ability to respond quickly to fast changing business environment. The HP Oracle Database Machine is all about performance, manageability, cost effectiveness and superior scalability with investment protection.

Oracle BeeHive: An Oracle's sleeper hit

Globalization has transformed many aspects of our economic activity, its introduced new opportunities and challenges. Oracle models good business practices and sounds strategic planning. Innovating to help its customers achieve stellar performance is more than just a customer centric paradigm; it’s the main reason why Oracle is the world’s largest and best enterprise software company. Oracle main objective is to deliver complete, open and integrated product solutions that meet customer’s needs. That’s why Oracle comes out with a great product and with a great buzz, introducing the Oracle Beehive, a platform that provides context and enables enterprise collaboration. It was Oracle’s next generation software platform for enterprise collaboration. (Watch out Microsoft!) it got almost everything you needs in enterprise collaboration such as content sharing, task management, online meetings, instant messaging, email, calendaring, desktop sharing and team workspaces, it even have voice mail and fax. That’s was great, it simplifies enterprise collaborations, revolutionize the way organizations and individuals collaborate. I’m sure this got compliance feature well it’s definitely got because Oracle Beehive is the first collaborative software platform that lets users specify and enforce compliance rules across different ways of communications. Compliance issues are very important on today’s business and when it comes to compliance Oracle got it all. Oracle Beehive takes one step further when it comes to security matters; Oracle Beehive provides strong security in terms of traditional access control, authorization, authentication, and auditing. Security is a serious matter in business. Oracle Beehive provides a unified platform for collaboration, it easy to administer and install and best of all its lowers your total cost of ownership perfect for data center because it enables companies to use fewer servers. It doesn’t require a lot of hardware and simplify the maintenance aspects users could run this product even doesn’t have an expertise in system administration. Well I strongly recommend using Oracle Database its works well with Oracle Beehive. Oracle Beehive also support open standards and it was designed to coexist with legacy applications did you know that Oracle is the first enterprise software vendor that supports CalDAV- a new protocol for talking to calendar servers. Oracle Beehive is also third party friendly it allows users to access information through familiar tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra or Microsoft Windows Explorer. It helps users generate new information, timely and great decisions. Once again Oracle has proved itself as the leader in the enterprise software with Oracle Beehive. What Oracle doing here is to consolidate collaborative infrastructures and implement people centric applications with a very secure, highly compliant and centrally managed system. It’s a product for a new work.

Oracle the no.1 in Embedded Databases

IDC Leading Market Research Firm 2007 Worldwide Embedded Database Vendor Share Reports 26.3% Share for Oracle.

IDC has published their embedded database management system vendor share numbers by geographic region and operating system for 2007 based on total software revenues. According to IDC, Oracle:

  • Had US$518.5 million in revenue and 26.3 percent share, more than double of any competitor
  • Is growing at 26.0 percent, faster than any of the next five competitors and nearly double the overall market growth of 13.8 percent.

Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a portfolio of leading, standards-based and customer-proven software products that spans a range of tools and services from JEE and developer tools, to integration services, business intelligence, collaboration, and content management.

Oracle Fusion Middleware Family

Enterprise Application Server

WebLogic Server Application Server JRockit

Integration & Process Management

BPEL Process Manager Enterprise Connectivity (Adapters) RFID and Sensor Edge Server
Business Activity Monitoring Enterprise Messaging Service Service Bus
Business Rules Event Driven Architecture Service Registry
Business Process Analysis Suite Integration B2B Web Services Manager
Business Process Management Master Data Management WebLogic Integration
Data Integrator

Development Tools

Application Development Framework Forms Services SOA Suite
Developer Suite JDeveloper TopLink
Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Mapviewer Workshop

Enterprise Performance Management

Performance Management Applications Hyperion Financial Management Hyperion Planning
Hyperion Performance Scorecard Hyperion Strategic Finance Hyperion Capital Asset Planning
Hyperion Workforce Planning Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

Business Intelligence

Business Activity Monitoring Crystal Ball Essbase Plus
Business Intelligence Data Integrator Reports Services
BI Publisher

Systems Management

Enterprise Manager 10g Web Services Manager

User Interaction & Content Management

Beehive Application Server Portal WebCenter Suite
Enterprise Content Management WebLogic Portal Microsoft Office Interoperability

Identity Management

Identity Management

Grid Infrastructure

Application Server Security Coherence Data Grid Service Registry
WebLogic Application Grid

Communications Platform

Communications Converged Application Server Communications Presence

High Availability

High Availability

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Oracle Corp.

Oracle's 2008 Acquisitions.

May—The combination of Oracle and AdminServer is expected to result in the most modern, comprehensive, standards-based and well-integrated enterprise software suite for the insurance industry.

Advanced Visual Technology (AVT)
October—The combination of AVT products and Oracle Retail provides a comprehensive space planning and optimization solution that is expected to maximize profitability of one of the retail industry's most valuable assets—their retail store space.

January—The addition of BEA is expected to accelerate innovation by bringing together two companies with a common vision of a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure.

January—With the addition of Captovation, Oracle expects to extend its comprehensive and integrated solution for Enterprise Content Management with transactional content processing.

September—The combination of ClearApp products and Oracle Enterprise Manager is expected to provide customers with a comprehensive application management solution providing enhanced service levels, reduced system down-time and improved return on SOA investments.

March—The acquisition of e-TEST suite is expected to strengthen Oracle Enterprise Manager with application load and functional testing technology.

Global Knowledge Software (GKS)
July—The combination of Oracle and GKS is intended to provide customers a comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solution for creating and deploying business process documentation, interactive system training and just-in-time support available within their Oracle and non-Oracle applications.

October—The combination of Oracle and Haley is expected to expand Oracle's offerings for social services, as well as add enterprise policy automation for other legislated and regulated industries.

October—The combination of Oracle and Primavera is expected to create the first, comprehensive Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution for project-intensive

Skywire Software
June—The acquisition of Skywire Software accelerates Oracle's formation of the most modern and complete software suite for the insurance industry and expands content management capabilities.

Tacit Software
November—The addition of Tacit Software's expertise location technology is expected to enhance Oracle Beehive.

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Oracle Corp.

Oracle's 2007 Acquisitions.

May—The combination of Oracle and Agile will create a best-in-class, integrated enterprise-wide PLM solution.

April—Oracle's acquisition of the intellectual property assets of AppForge extends Oracle's mobile applications product strategy.

July—The combination of Oracle and Bharosa will deliver the next generation of adaptive, risk-based access management.

September—The addition of Bridgestream extends Oracle's Identity Management Suite with automated enterprise role management.

March—The combination of Oracle and Hyperion will deliver the most complete, integrated end-to-end enterprise performance management system.

Interlace Systems
October—The combination of Interlace Systems' technology and Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System is expected to enable fast and collaborative decision making by integrating functional operational and financial planning systems.

April—With the addition of LODESTAR, Oracle extends its Oracle Utilities applications suite with the addition of leading meter data management and energy operation solutions.

October—Oracle's acquisition of LogicalApps will strengthen its GRC application suite by integrating real-time policy enforcement for critical business processes.

December—The combination of Oracle and Moniforce is expected to strengthen Oracle Enterprise Manager application performance management capabilities with real end-user monitoring.

Netsure Telecom Limited
September—The acquisition of Netsure extends the Oracle Communications application product suite to include business intelligence and analytics for the network domain.


March—The combination of Oracle and Tangosol will create the first integrated platform that enables extreme transaction processing.

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Oracle Corp.

Oracle's Austin Data Center. The Monster Home.>

Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals

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